Wouldn’t it be great if you started feeling excited about your career again, began attaining next-level opportunities, and had the confidence to take on these roles? 

But you’ve been complacent in your current situation, too occupied with your daily routine, that you haven't given the time to start planning your next steps. 

Maybe you’re hoping that you'll finally get that promotion... while deep inside, you're also waiting for the "perfect time" to venture out and try something new. 


What if you are feeling stalled with your career growth because YOU are actually getting in your own way? 

That's all about to change...

MORE than a Job Title™ is an 8-week group program designed to jumpstart your professional growth and elevate your career to new heights! YOU are the only one who can propel your career forward, but you have to know the right strategies and then put in the work. 

Navigating and advancing your career can be tough, and even take you a while, especially if you try to do it on your own.  Simply knowing where to start can even be difficult to figure out!  I've been where you are, so trust me, I know.

Here's where I come in


As your strategic and accountability partner, I will help you:

  • Gain clarity on your short and long term career goals so that you can finally move ahead
  • Develop a growth mindset that will help you overcome your fears, so that you can gain the confidence needed to start attracting, seeking out, and accepting opportunities that come your way

  • Craft a powerful elevator pitch so that you can confidently make a strong first impression while not stumbling over your words

  • Write a professional bio that you can have readily available for use on your LinkedIn profile/personal website, submissions for speaking engagements, board positions and more.  

  • Develop both your executive presence, and online presence, in a way that both clearly communicate your professional brand so that you are in control of your brand story.

  • Identify professional development opportunities so that you can enhance your professional skills and remain current on the trends in your industry
  • Learn strategies which you can apply now, to make you more visible, and influential, in your place of work and field of expertise so that you can take your career to the next level. 

  • Develop a networking strategy that will be easy to follow and help keep you top-of-mind when new opportunities arise

  • Create a 90-day career development plan, that you can easily follow so that you can quickly and strategically reach your career goals

Here's what you'll get


  • 8-week implementation and accountability program
  • Welcome email which includes pre-work
  • Pre-recorded weekly trainings that are easy to digest
  • Weekly assignments
  • Private Facebook group community with cohort members
  • Four (4) Q&A live sessions with me in the Facebook group
  • Access to the Facebook group for duration of program, and for 30 days after it concludes
  • Access to relevant online resources

** BONUS **

Apply and join by Friday, June 8th, you will receive a complimentary one-on-one session with me for personalized support.



    Program dates:

    The program will officially begin on Monday, June 18th and run through Sunday, August 12th. 

    Your investment?

    This program is being offered as a pilot, therefore, your investment is just $197.  That's less than $25 each week!  When I offer the final version, I will be increasing the rate.  So don't want to miss out on this amazing opportunity!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Uzoma Writing.jpg

    Why would I invest money for information I can find through YouTube, or figure out myself?

    I understand that you may have some reservations about making this investment.  Yes, you could scour the internet for articles, helpful resources, and training videos.  The downside of doing this is that you will spend of lot of your time trying to sort out all of this information to figure out the best plan of action.  In addition, you may run into a number of conflicting perspectives, which would just add confusion to your process.  Investing in this program will give you the structure, support, and accountability you have been seeking.  If you don't take action now, there is a strong chance that you will remain complacent in the same situation because you may not feel an urgent need to take action.  I know this, because people tend to stay comfortable in their roles until their job is threatened. Or they start scrambling to get things in order when a new opportunity becomes available. Unfortunately, at that point, it may be too late to fully prepare.  Don't let this happen to you.  

    In terms of the cost of investment, this should really be a no-brainer.  I am offering this to you at a very low introductory rate.  Most importantly... you will be investing in YOU, which in turn will make you more marketable as you seek out next-level opportunities.  I'd say that developing yourself is priceless!!  You may not think twice when it comes to investing in an expensive designer handbag, a day at the beauty salon, or that much needed girls trip.  There is nothing wrong with investing in the things that add value to your life.  Therefore, you owe it to yourself to have a career which will also add value to your life.  So don’t wait for your organization to invest in you. Don't wait for the "right time" to take a risk and try something new.  The time is now to take matters into your own hands! Commit to a program that will deliver precisely what you need, so that you can reach career fulfilment sooner.

    I can just work with my supervisor to create a career development plan, so why should I work with you?

    Yes you can, and you should work out a plan specifically for your advancement within in your current organization.  However, what if your overall career aspirations extend beyond your current position, or even beyond the organization? Maybe you'll even want your supervisor's role one day! Will you feel safe sharing these aspirations with her?  As your strategic partner, I'll help you reach larger career goals that go beyond your current organization!

    This sounds a bit like mentorship. I already have a mentor, so isn't that enough? 

    Working with me will not replace the benefits of mentorship.  In fact, I highly recommend that you have more than one mentor, who can help you in multiple facets of your career and personal life.  Your personal mentors will typically offer you general guidance and support over a long period of time.  In addition, they may have more experience and wisdom in your chosen field.  My work is different in the sense that I offer a blend of coaching and strategy. When you work with me, I will provide you with a fast-track system to help you accomplish your short-term professional and career goals.  I will do this by working with you to create a strategic plan, with action steps and built-in accountability. 

    Will I actually get a promotion, or reach the next level in my career, by engaging in this program?

    As with most things in life, there are no guarantees. I cannot make a promise on factors that are outside of my control or yours.  However, if you do the work that we strategically plan together, you will see significant growth in yourself and you will take the necessary steps to create new opportunities.  It is clear to me that you are not content with the idea of staying in your current situation forever, otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading this.  Therefore, you know that you have some changes to make in order to reach your career goals.  There are many ways to prepare yourself.  One way is to attend a professional development conference, but that could cost you upwards of a thousand dollars in registration, travel, food, and lodging costs.... You'll probably get inspired and take down a lot of notes, but then you may leave while never doing anything with that information.  You could also wait to be selected for your organization’s leadership training program, which may only admit a handful of people each year.  Are you sure that you will be next in line?  You definitely have options, but why not invest in a program that will put you in the driver's seat of your next career move!

    Is there a refund policy?

    There are no refunds available for services rendered.  Our time is very valuable to each of us.  This program can only be successful if we both do our parts.  I am committed to helping you reach your professional goals as outlined in the package description above.  I expect that you will also commit to taking the recommended action steps in order to see results.

     What if I need more support and guidance after this program concludes?

    You are in good hands! MORE than a Job Title™ comes with 30 days of unlimited access to me, in the private Facebook group, following the 8-week program.  As a follow-up for participating in this program, you can sign up for a 1-hour Single Strategy Session, or a recurring monthly membership.  Contact me for more details.

    Are you ready to advance your career on your own terms?

    Investment: $197
    (one-time low pilot rate!)