Resume Refresh


Have you been working in the same position (or with the same company) for many years, but now you’ve decided it is time to start looking for a new opportunity?

Do you want to begin your job search or make a career transition, but you’re unsure of how to update your resume because it’s been FOREVER since you’ve made changes to it?

Are you ready to reach the next level in your career, but you need your resume to stand out by highlighting your diversified experience and accomplishments?

I’ve got you covered. The Resume Refresh is for you!

First, you have to say goodbye to your entry-level resume!

To open doors at the mid-career level, and especially for a career change, you have to do things differently. Though your resume is just a prerequisite for taking your career to new heights, it is one of the most important tools in your job search process.

This proofreading and editing service is designed for mid-career professional women who already have an existing resume. Using a strategic blend of both traditional resume writing standards and the latest trends, I will take your current resume and help you to:

  • remove sections that are no longer relevant and add the ones that are essential

  • highlight your accomplishments and expertise

  • showcase your transferable skills

  • ensure that your resume matches your future career goals, not just your career history

  • utilize specific position and industry keywords

Here’s what you’ll receive!:

  • comprehensive review of your resume as it relates to your next role

  • edited draft, via email, which will include detailed recommendations for how to enhance your resume (i.e. appearance, layout, formatting, content, grammar, relevant industry keywords, etc.)

  • 20-minute follow-up phone call

  • one (1) round of edits following first revision

As a Bonus, you’ll also receive a:

  • Cover letter review (valued at $75). Your cover letter is your first introduction to an employer, so you want to leave a positive impression. During the wrap up call, I will offer my recommendations for how you can optimize your cover letter to showcase that you are the best fit for the role.


Who Am I?


My name is Uzoma F. Obidike and I am a Certified Career Advisor™ and educator. I help professional women get unstuck from a mid-career rut by equipping them with the tools and strategies they need to finally reach the next level of their careers.

For over a decade at various institutions, I served as the hiring manager when selecting new team members for my own departments. I have also served on numerous search committees for other departments.

From the applicant tracking systems (ATS) that electronically scan your resumes, to the resume scans done by real people, I understand first-hand how the selection process works. I would be honored to help you create a resume that will make you stand out from the rest!


Investment: $147


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you write my resume from scratch?

I certainly can, but in my honest opinion, I will be doing you a disservice. As an educator and coach, my role is to provide you with the tools and strategies that you can use to write/edit your best resume. When we are done working together, you would have written your resume using your own unique voice. Also, you will be able to replicate the process should you need to make revisions in the future. (Hint, hint… you will need to tailor your resume for each job, so it’s better if you know how to do this yourself!)

Why should I pay for a resume proofreading and editing service, when I could just have a family member or colleague do the same thing for free?

It’s always helpful when you can have someone you know look over your resume for you. Friends and colleagues may be able to proofread your document for basic grammatical errors. Working with me will be different because I am trained and experienced with knowing how the selection process works. Writing resumes is an art, but it also requires knowledge of how the applicant tracking systems (ATS) sort through and select which resumes will be brought to the top of the pile. I will help you structure and write a solid resume that will be targeted for your next role.

Why do you offer the call after you make the edits? Shouldn’t we have the call first so that I can explain my goals?

I prefer to first review your resume as though I were an employer looking at it for the first time. This will allow me to analyze it based on my first impression and on how well it fits the job description that you provide. After I make the first round of edits, we will get on a call so that I can share with you my recommendations. You will then have the opportunity to ask me any questions that you have.

Are you able to help me with my LinkedIn profile too?

Yes! LinkedIn is one my favorite networking and career advancement tools! If you are not yet using it to grow or enhance your career, you are seriously missing out on major opportunities. You can upgrade to one of my other service packages if you need help with creating your profile and/or want to learn how to use the platform to reach your career goals.


What Clients are Saying


Ordering your Resume Refresh is simple! Here’s how it works:

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Place Your Order

Click the “Order Now” button below. Upon payment, you will be directed to a page with instructions on how to access the intake form and submit your documents.

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Receive 1st Round of Edits

Allow up to 7 days to receive your first round of edits and revisions. During this time, you will receive a link to schedule your 15-minute follow-up call.


Finalize Your Resume

During the call, all edits and recommendations will be explained to you. You’ll also have time to ask questions. If applicable, you will receive an additional round of edits.


Investment: $147