Welcome to She Leads Beautifully


If you're new here, welcome!  My name is Uzoma and I help professional women overcome mid-career stagnation by teaching them how to leverage the power of personal branding and networking to finally land their next job. 

Why She Leads Beautifully™?

I created She Leads Beautifully™ as an avenue for mid-career professional women who:

  • feel stalled in their current roles, but know they could be doing more.

  • are actively seeking to advance into a next-level role at work, or attain new opportunities externally.

  • desire to be part of a community with other professional women who are making big career moves.

  • aspire to lead with charisma, style, and grace.

Do any of these sound like you? If yes...

Here's What You Can Expect

  • Free Resource Library - The Jump Drive houses tools and resources that will help give you a jumpstart to the next-level in your career.

  • Free Facebook Community - The #SheLeadsBeautifully Lounge is our online community of supportive professional women.  I post discussion topics each week to keep your career management top of mind.  I also host live trainings and chats.

  • Water Cooler Chat - These monthly Facebook live broadcasts feature a variety of topics similar to those sidebar conversations you have with work BFFs on your lunch break, by the water cooler, or while waiting for the copier machine to free up! :-)  Core topics areas include career management, leadership development, personal branding. 

  • Women Leading Beautifully - This series showcases women who are making major moves in their careers. Despite the hurdles that have come their way, these women continue to make BIG strides towards growing their careers beyond their current job title—all while doing so with style, charisma, and grace.

  • Work with Me - If you need personalized support, I will be able to assist in a variety of ways.  I can: