Meet Uzoma


My name is Uzoma F. Obidike and I am a Certified Career Advisor™. As an educator for over 10 years, I have helped students, members of my teams, and professionals to reach their career goals.  I have done this through one-on-one coaching and mentoring, facilitating leadership programs, presenting at conferences, and leading staff trainings and retreats.


I started She Leads Beautifully because I have worked alongside many professional women who have amazing potential and big career dreams, however they remained complacent in their current roles.  This was either because they did not know what their next-level move was, or they simply did not know the first steps to take.  They would say things to me like: "one day, I'll... " or "I really wish that I could be a... ".  But they never made a move to change their current situation.  I was once the same way, until I decided to stop waiting for opportunities to simply fall into my lap!  With She Leads Beautifully™, I want to help women like you get out of your career rut so that you can finally advance to the next level.


Currently, I am a doctoral candidate in higher education leadership.  My future research will focus on women’s advancement in the workplace.  There are many factors that contribute to why women advance in their careers.  Self-presentation certainly plays a role.  Therefore my work with She Leads Beautifully™ not only focuses on career management and leadership development, but also on personal branding. 


In past roles, I was promoted into next-level positions fairly quickly.  I have also been sought after for a number of opportunities that have all significantly contributed to growing my career.  I know what it takes to prepare and position you for next-level opportunities, both within your current organization as well as externally.  Don’t let complacency, uncertainty, or fear sabotage your career growth.  Work with me and I’ll give you the tools and strategies you need to attain next-level opportunities, so that you can advance your career on your own terms! 

Want to get to know me better?! Watch this interview that I did with Kyshira Moffett for the Hustle HER Way Summit!



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