7 Authentic Steps to Get to the Next Level


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Let’s face it, you could have all the education and experience in the world, but if you don’t know how to effectively communicate with others in the workplace, you will not go far in your career.

Is the "gift of gab" holding you back? Special guest, Sherhara is giving us the 7 P’s to get to the next level! They are:

  1. Protect

  2. Proclaim

  3. Petty

  4. Practice

  5. Perception

  6. Procrastination

  7. Personal

You’ll need to tune in to our Water Cooler Chat to get the full breakdown of these 7 steps.


Which “P” will you utilize at work this week?

About Sherhara

Sherhara is a master communicator. As an international corporate trainer and facilitator, she transforms boring and jargon filled content into entertaining and effective presentations. She teaches corporate professionals proven strategies and tactics to transform communication skills. Her dynamic personality engages audiences both in B2B and Business to consumer environments.

Her client list includes, AT&T, Toyota, DirecTV, Verizon Wireless and more. Through workshop format, Sherhara facilitates employee engagement and contribution. With 15 years of experience, her skill sets resonate outside the boardroom of CEOs to the living rooms of aspiring entrepreneurial leaders.

Sherhara translates her corporate trainings to educate and empower ambitious thought leaders to effectively communicate their own brand and messages. Sherhara’s lifestyle and livelihood is sourced by her ability to speak, communicate and connect. Her passion is to educate others on how to say what they feel so they can do what they love.

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