Challenges Women of Color Experience in the Workplace


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Navigating the workplace is tough as it is. When you are a woman AND a person of color, this can bring a unique set of difficulties and barriers. Special guest, Redgina Hill and I discussed these 5 challenges that women of color face in the workplace:

  1. Being overlooked for leadership roles

  2. Unfair wages

  3. Stereotypes

  4. Racial microaggressions

  5. Being authentic

Join our Water Cooler Chat where we talked about these challenges from our own personal experiences!

About Redgina Hill

Redgina Hill is the CEO & Founder of Redgina Hill Consulting, LLC which exists to cultivate diversity and inclusion within businesses and organizations and seeks to help organizations facilitate change through measurable goals.  She joined Bethel College in 2010 and currently serves as the Director of Diversity & Inclusion.  In her role, she defines and cultivates diversity and inclusion as an institutional and educational priority.  This role has afforded her the opportunity to travel the country speaking at conferences, universities, and organizations on the importance of diversity and inclusion.  She has led trainings for the South Bend Police Department, educators, financial and manufacturing companies.  During her time at Bethel, she has helped to grow enrollment for students of color, served on the Multi-Ethnic Resource Team, co-advised the Billy Kirk Minority Leadership Scholars Program, advised the Black Student Fellowship and founded the Women’s Empowerment Hour.  Redgina is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in higher education from Azusa Pacific University where she was selected for the 2015 Social Justice and Diversity Fellowship.

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