Writing a Book: Your Power Tool for Career Advancement


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I have always known that I would one day write my own book because I have a few life stories that could help others. However, it wasn’t until just a few years ago that I realized that writing my own book could also help me take my career to the next level!

Over the years, I have studied many people who I view as being successful in their respective fields. One observation that I noted was that they each have written their own books. These people are highly regarded in their industries because they have communicated their expertise in the written form, which can be shared with the masses.

I want you to reach a new height in your career. In order to do so, you absolutely have to stop playing small and stand out as the leader in your industry. Yes, it’s time for you to write your one book! This month, Tiffany Huff-Strothers joined the chat to share how writing a book can elevator your career.

Chat highlights include:

  • 5 Ways a book will build your career

  • How to decide the topic of your book

  • What you need to do to get started

  • The first steps to take when putting pen to paper

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Tiffany Huff-Strothers

Tiffany Huff-Strothers is a Wife, Mother and woman of faith. She is called to minister and mentor women and passionate about helping women reinvent themselves following their worst setbacks to make major impact. She lives out her calling as an Evangelist, Award Winning Author, Sought After Speaker, Coach and Domestic Violence Survivor & Advocate.

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