3 Ways a Digital Portfolio Can Boost Your Career


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Websites are not just for your favorite product or service brands. When you are looking to take your career to the next level, you are a brand of YOU. There is no better way to market yourself for your next role than to have your very own digital portfolio.

This month, I had a great chat with Aleshia S. Patterson, MA! Aleshia and I met virtually, but I feel like I already know her! (Hint: This is how you want potential employers or key decision makers to feel about you!) Aleshia’s brand is communicated clearly because she has done a great job of showcasing her work and thought leadership via her own personal website.

Chat highlights include:

  • 3 ways a digital portfolio can boost your career

  • What website builders to you can easily use to create your own digital portfolio

  • The most important sections to include in your portfolio

  • Why naming your URL a certain way is ideal for your career

  • Other solutions if you are unable secure your own website right now

Tune in to the Water Cooler Chat to watch the replay and join the conversation. Then be sure to watch Part 2 here!

About About Aleshia S. Patterson, MA

Aleshia wants to live in a world where we all feel comfortable showing up as our best selves, saying kind and thank you is innate, and everyone taps into their divine-given gifts.

As a digital and social media strategist, she’s had the opportunity to speak the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference, Community Service Public Relations Council Conference (CSPRC), and local universities.

Aleshia holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from University of Missouri - Saint Louis and a Master of Arts degree in communication arts from Webster University.

When she’s not implementing marketing systems and processes or developing digital strategies you can find her listening to her favorite podcasts over a cup of Coconut Oolong tea, spending time with her significant other, and going on Office Depot shopping excursions.

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode:

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