How to Deal with the Non-Linear Path to Career Advancement


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Climbing the proverbial ladder is no longer the only way to advance in our careers. It's more like moving around a lattice or climbing through a jungle gym. Sometimes we have to move laterally, take a step back, or just take a break while we figure out our next move.

Jasmin Forts, MBA joined me for this month’s Water Cooler Chat. I was really excited to invite her on the show because, while she is a career coach, she is also very transparent about sharing her own career journey. From experience, and her expertise, Jasmin shared how to deal with the non-linear path to career advancement.

Chat highlights include:

  • Why it’s important to be open-minded your career options and that it doesn’t have to be a straight line

  • Why your current job title should not be the focus of your career.

  • The importance of goal setting and having a clear plan in order to stay ready

  • Identifying when it’s time to move from your current role

  • What to do when you feel you have other priorities that may slow down your career advancement

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About Jasmin Forts, MBA

Jasmin Forts, MBA currently works as Talent Acquisition Leadership in a large Higher Ed organization. She owns Thee Werk Place an Intimate Event & CoWorking Space for workshops, professional development and whatever you can dream up. She is a Certified Career Coach and a member of NAAHR, NRWA, and SHRM. Her journey into the corporate workplace started with limited guidance and no formal network.

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