18 Things about Me!

Click the image to watch and join the conversation. Use hashtag    #replay    and introduce yourself!

Click the image to watch and join the conversation. Use hashtag #replay and introduce yourself!


Since we’ve just entered 2018, I thought it would be fitting to share 18 fun facts about me. You’ll learn that I am a storyteller!! Also, don’t judge my numbering system. I explain in the video! We’re just going to go with the flow. ;-) Enjoy!

1. What is She Leads Beautifully is a platform for professional women seeking to advance their careers.

1.5. I stutter at times. It was much worse when I was younger, but I’ve learned how to manage it.

2. I formed She Leads Beautifully based on a variety of my life experiences, education, interests, and strengths… I go into a lot of detail on this one! Ha ha.

3.5. My middle name is Florence and I used to go by the name “Flo” for 12 years! (Side note: my official business name is BeautiFlo, LLC!)

4. I am working on my Ph.D in higher education leadership and my focus in on women’s physical appearance in the workplace.

Registration Day! - 2013

Registration Day! - 2013


5. I love pizza, especially when there’s a lot of sauce.

6. I used to want to own a hair salon and enjoy playing with hair. But I really love playing with makeup.

7. I love watching makeup and hair “gurus” on YouTube. Plus cake videos!

8. I was born on MARIO Day! (hint March 1o)

9. Uzoma means “Good Way” or “Good Road” in Igbo. My personal mantra is “Any road I take will be a good one”.

10. I was obsessed with the game called The Sims, especially The Sims 2.

11. I enjoy reading (mostly audio books now) and listening to podcasts. I just love learning!

12. My favorite color is PURPLE because it’s a powerful color and signifies royalty.

13. I can be shy or reserved in certain situations, especially Soul Train Lines.

14. I enjoy traveling, especially unplanned visits to countries during layovers on the way to Nigeria. Also, I’ve been to many states in America, but I’d love to visit all of them.

During a layover on my way to Nigeria, I took an unplanned landmark tour around Dubai - 2015

During a layover on my way to Nigeria, I took an unplanned landmark tour around Dubai - 2015

15. I’m always changing my hairstyles!

16. I do not like wearing glasses, though I wear them the majority of the time. I almost always take them off for photos.

17. I am working on a new website for She Leads Beautifully! I am building it myself and have always had an interest in web design. It’s been rewarding putting it together for you!

18. I love building the #SheLeadsBeautifully community. Though this community is created to help you grow your career, it also gives me the inspiration that I need to keep growing in my career as well!

So now you know a bit more about me, I’d love to get to know you too!


What are 3 fun facts about you?!

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About Uzoma F. Obidike

Uzoma F. Obidike is a Certified Career Advisor™ and Founder of She Leads Beautifully™. Through coaching, training, and community, she helps professional women overcome mid-career stagnation by equipping them with the tools and strategies they need to finally take their careers to the next level. Her primary areas of focus include career management, leadership development, and personal branding. In addition, Uzoma has served as an educator for over a decade. She has held various leadership positions at post-secondary institutions and community organizations. Uzoma attended Indiana University Bloomington where she attained both a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications and a Master's degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs, She is currently a doctoral candidate in the Higher Education Leadership program at Indiana State University.

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