4 Reasons You Need a Career Development Plan... Right Now


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I chose this topic because I have been talking to some colleagues who are currently experiencing some challenges in their careers. Having a career development plan would be really extremely useful for them right now.

I’ve always been a big planner. I live by my paper planners, journals, and Google calendar. In those seasons when I felt overwhelmed, disorganized, and unsure what I needed to be doing… it was always because I failed to plan.

Here are the 4 reasons why you need a career development plan right now. Having a plan is important so that you will:

  1. know what next steps to take.

  2. make better decisions when chance opportunities come up.

  3. identify appropriate personal and professional development opportunities.

  4. be able to get unstuck from a career rut, and help you prepare for when you are out of a job.

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Do you currently have a career development plan?

About Uzoma F. Obidike

Uzoma F. Obidike is a Certified Career Advisor™ and Founder of She Leads Beautifully™. Through coaching, training, and community, she helps professional women overcome mid-career stagnation by equipping them with the tools and strategies they need to finally take their careers to the next level. Her primary areas of focus include career management, leadership development, and personal branding. In addition, Uzoma has served as an educator for over a decade. She has held various leadership positions at post-secondary institutions and community organizations. Uzoma attended Indiana University Bloomington where she attained both a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications and a Master's degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs, She is currently a doctoral candidate in the Higher Education Leadership program at Indiana State University.

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